Младеж за разбирателство България

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About YFU Bulgaria

YFU Bulgaria has been an admitted and recognized member of the international YFU community since May 2008. It was founded in 1998 when the first 20 students left for Germany and registered as an independent Bulgarian non-profit organization in 2001.

Since then YFU Bulgaria has sent more than 250 outbound students to: Germany, USA, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Argentina, Austria, Hungary, Latvia and hosted inbound students from: Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Thailand. You could be the first in your country to come to Bulgaria on exchange!

About the Country

Official name: Republic of Bulgaria

Borders: Romania, Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia and the Black Sea

Population: 7.305 million people (2012 est.)

Largest cities: Sofia (capital - 1.2 million), Plovdiv (338,153), Varna (334,870)

Language: Bulgarian (a Slavic language)

Alphabet: Cyrillic

Bulgaria has many facets. Check out these links for more information about Bulgaria:

Official Bulgaria

The guards outside the Presidential Palace in Sofia

(Photo by Dennis Jarvis, under CC license)

More official Bulgaria

Touristy Bulgaria

Albena, a resort on the Black Sea

(Photo by Bjorn Gisenbauer, under CC license)

More touristy Bulgaria


Tasty Bulgaria

Traditional Bulgarian banitsa

(Photo by Dock, under CC license)

More tasty Bulgaria


Old Bulgaria

The Roman amphitheatre in Plovdiv

(Photo by QuartierLatin1968, under CC license)

More old Bulgaria


Young Bulgaria

А concert at Cacao Beach

(Photo by Dosio Dosev, under CC license)

More young Bulgaria


Musical Bulgaria

The Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir

(Photo by jbach, under CC license)

More musical Bulgaria


Religious Bulgaria

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia

(Photo by Mike Rowe, under CC license)

More religious Bulgaria



Повечето ученици на обмен отиват в САЩ, за да се научат как по-добре да говорят, но като че ли най-важното нещо, което аз научих е кога, а не как да говоря.
Георги Димов, 2006/2007 г.

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