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Are you interested in learning about some of the oldest cultures and people in the world? You can do that with our Archaeology Program, where you spend a full academic year in Bulgaria while also gaining a unique insight into the archaeological world of our country through field trips and hands-on experience!

Once a month, you will take part in mostly weekend activities where you learn about archaeology, and also participate in a 1-week travelling seminar in April. At the end of your exchange year, you also have a unique 2-week course with professional archaeologists, where you will be doing field work and taking excursions to exciting historical parts of the country.

October - Archaeological Measurements: Use of maps, GPS and compass, positioning of objects and sites on physical and topographic maps. Tour of Sofia, including visits of key archaeological and historical sites from Antiquity to the Ottoman period.

November - Annual "Travelling Seminar" of NBU: The travelling seminar of the New Bulgarian University (NBU) aims to acquaint students with some of the most interesting objects and finds on Bulgarian territory. A long outdoor weekend.

December - Artefact Processing and Archaeological Documentation: Drawing and restoration in the Laboratory for Archaeometrics and Experimental Archaeology of the NBU. Training seminar on documentation.

January - Artefact Processing: Photographing and computer processing in the Laboratory for Archaeometrics and Experimental Archaeology of the NBU.

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February - Weekend of the Museums: Visits to the Sofia Museum of Archaeology and the National Museum of History.

March - Day of "Open Doors" at NBU: Manufacturing of prehistoric utensils and ritual figurines, presentation of original archaeological treasures, practical work with geodesic instruments, demonstration of reference collections of bone and stone materials and their functions.

April - Travelling Seminar and Field Work (1 week): Visiting a variety of archaeological objects in a specific geographical region.

May - Experimental Archaeology: Weekend of experimental archaeology, organized by the Regional Historical Museum Vratsa. Manufacturing of Neolithic ceramics using prehistoric technology and vessel models from the museum's collections.

June - Archaeological Field School (2 weeks): Participation in current excavations. Participants will be supervised and instructed by professional archaeologists and will receive a certificate of attendance.

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Чрез YFU направих много запознанства с мои връстници от други страни, което е нещо невероятно за мен, човекът от малкия град. Те ми позволиха да се докосна до много различни култури и най-важното: в мен се изгради чувството, че мога да се разбирам с хора от цял свят. Успях да почувствам неговата близост (на света) и това ми помогна да бъда отговорен за него.

Иван Александров, 1999/2000 г.

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