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Christmas Holidays

3-2-1 Christmas Program
3 Countries – 2 Christmases – 1 Experience: South-Eastern Europe Turn of the Year Program
3-2-1 is a short program that takes place during the Christmas period, from the beginning of December to mid-January. You will travel to Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia to experience the festive season. Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia have a lot in common but are still very different.
During your stay in the three countries you will experience a variety of South-Eastern European traditions that take place during the winter holidays. On December 6th, you will experience Saint Nicholas’ Day traditions with a Romanian host family, before travelling to Bulgaria on December 20th.
In Bulgaria you will celebrate your first Christmas on the 25th of December, where you will experience the Balkan/Orthodox way of celebrating Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar. You will also celebrate New Year’s Eve in Bulgaria before travelling to Serbia on January 1st.
In Serbia, you will celebrate Christmas for the second time. Christian Orthodox Serbs celebrate Christmas on January 7th in line with the Julian calendar, and celebrate New Year on January 13th.
Romania: 02/12/2018 to 16/12/2018
Bulgaria: 16/12/2018 to 30/12/2018
Serbia: 31/12/2018 to 13/01/2019