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Four Seasons

Outdoor Program
The Four Seasons Outdoor Program contains all features of the Academic Year Program, plus field and mountain trips during the entire exchange year to fully explore and appreciate the countryside in Bulgaria and enjoy the weather of all four seasons!It will include a variety of outdoor activities carried out by YFU volunteers or partner organisations about once amonth.

Autumn: September to November
In autumn, you will get to attend the Vazduharia festival, a paragliding event held over 5 days. While there you will see a variety of acrobatics, a ‘carnival in the air’, and the lifting of an air balloon. You will take part in activities such as aero-modeling, kite-flying, paragliding discussions, and ‘slack line’ walking. For more information go here.You will also get to join the Bulgarian scouts for several 1 and 2 day programs in the outdoors, where you will get to enjoy the beautiful Bulgarian scenery and head to mountains, lakes, caves and waterfalls!

Winter: December to March
In winter, you will get to discover the beauty of Bulgaria in the snow and enjoy a trip to the Rila Mountains to go skiing and ice skating! We will take several 1 and 2 day winter hiking tours and also attend a mountaineering school where you can take some climbs and pick up the basics of mountaineering.

Spring: April to May
In spring we will attend a ropes course just outside Sofia, where you will get to see Bulgaria from the treetops! It will include rope bridges, rope ladders, an alpine trolley and an artificial climbing wall.Spring in Bulgaria also means the time of the Rose Valley Festival in Kazanluk. The festival program includes the crowning of the Rose Queen and the ritual gathering and distilling of roses. There is also a bazaar with Bulgarian crafts and traditional rose products. We will also take a mountain hike in Stara Planina – Shipka & Buzludzha.

Summer: June
In summer we will visit an eco-farm. The eco-farm is a project for the preservation of the rare and unique Bulgarian species of animals. There you will learn about trying to preserve the Bulgarian manner of living and traditions and how the farm is contributing to bio-diversity and bio-agriculture in Bulgaria. There will also be the chance to take horse-riding classes.
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