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Our programs

Academic Year Program

Our Academic Year Program means that you will spend 11 months in Bulgaria, living with a Bulgarian family, attending a Bulgarian school and immersing yourself in the wonders of the Bulgarian language, cuisine, and culture.

  • Arrival: Mid-August
  • Arrival seminar: A weekend spent outside Sofia
  • Language course: Mid-August to Mid-September
  • School: September 15 till June 30
  • Mid-year seminar: 4 days in February in co-operation with YFU Romania and YFU Serbia
  • Re-entry seminar: May/June in an idyllic spot in the Bulgarian countryside
  • Departure: End of June

What makes our academic year program different?

The language course! You receive 4 weeks of intensive Bulgarian language learning in Sofia at no extra cost. And for the duration of the language course you also get to stay with a second host family!

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Do you want something more than the typical exchange year? Check out our Four Seasons Outdoor Program, both of which are additions to the standard academic year program. If you’re interested in a short-term exchange in Bulgaria, take a look at our 3-2-1 Christmas Program in conjunction with YFU Romania and YFU Serbia!